Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hello, preppers of Alabama. My name is Tracy, and I live in the Huntsville area. Some of you may already know me from my blog, Possum Living. That blog is geared towards frugal and self-sufficient living from a somewhat nomadic perspective, albeit with applicability to homesteading in a fixed location, as well.
This blog, although sharing many of the same interests, is to be oriented more towards "digging in" to a fixed location and preparing to survive in that location, come what may.

When I say "fixed location", I really mean two things. The first is truly a fixed location, where your home is where you plan to stay, no matter what happens. This can come in the form of the offgrid homestead, replete with a large garden, farm animals and a woodlot for hunting and firewood gathering, or it can be making the best of things in an apartment in the city, or anything between these extremes.
The second thing I mean is something that often grows from the first, where one has rudimentary preparations at one's primary residence, but also has a retreat location that is used as a place to "get away from it all" during normal times, and more importantly, a place to really get away from it all during a "shtf" event.

I have been "into" the whole self-sufficiency thing all my life. I grew up on a farm where gardening, raising livestock, canning, hunting for food etc. were a way of life. My parents would not allow a television on the place, so between chores I explored, hunted, fished in the farm pond and the creek which crossed the back of the farm, shot targets with rifles, shotguns, handguns, bow, and slingshot, dabbled in CB and ham radio and shortwave listening, and read. I had a subscription to Mother Earth News back when they were worth reading. When I first heard about the survival movement I didn't think, "I want to be a part of that", but rather "So it's not just me!"

This is my introduction to you. It's not about me, it's about all of us. Welcome to the Alabama Prepper's Network, a chapter of the American Prepper's Network. Rather than decrying the society that appears to have taken over the world, let us create our own intentional society. We may be a minority, but we are a minority composed of thinking men and women; and together we can withstand the influence of the unthinking, who merely follow blindly the latest trend.
I hope you will join me. Your comments are welcome.


American Prepper said...

Excellent Post. I'll mention it on American Preppers

Help U Prep said...

Nice post. And I agree that it is nice to know we are not alone! I look forward to reading more.
Wisconsin Preppers

Bullseye said...

Welcome Tracy. Good to have ya on board.

TEAM HALL said...

Big hello from Canada, Tracy! Looking forward to more of your posts.

Joel the K said...

Hey now Tracy. Wow. I am impressed with your background, your excellent post, and your AWESOME parents who would not allow a New World Order Brainwashing Apparatus in the house. How blessed you are to have been brought up the way you were. I will be following your blog everyday. In the meantime... Get your prep on.

Shy Wolf said...

Tracy- a hearty (and shiverin') welcome to the American Preppers Network from Minnesota. Glad to have you on board- and, gosh, was I ever surprised it wasn't just 'me', too- there's a lot of 'us' out here! Suh-weeeeet!

American Prepper said...

Tracy, you have admin access so you can customize your site.


Rhino said...

Nice post Tracy, I'm sure you will be able to give a lot of info on prepping.Looking forward to following your blog.Welcome aboard.

Louisiana Preppers

Tracy said...

Thanks for the warm welcome, everybody.