Friday, March 6, 2009

About The Global Warming Thing...

"Do you believe in global warming?" If you want to make a certain percentage of people wish they could stone you to death, just voice that question in public. I recently saw a forum attempt to discuss this subject in a reasoned manner, and one member who obviously saw himself as a true intellectual, an "enlightened one", attempted unsuccessfully to communicate with the savages by repeating in all caps that there is "NO DEBATE!!!" as to the validity of the theory; anyone who doesn't accept it as proven fact being, in his view, a degenerate not yet evolved from the apes. You know, like people from Alabama (wink, wink). Indeed, even referring to it as theory rather than settled scientific fact is, as far as these people are concerned, heresy. And I use that word advisedly because it is indeed their religion, just as surely as is evolution for many of the same folks.

Note here that I am not claiming that there is no truth to either global warming or evolution; rather that I do not accept that there are only two possible conditions: believing the whole, complete package or being a superstitious fool. I submit that anyone who demands that you accept anything springing from the mind of man as absolute, proven fact is either intentionally misleading you, or is himself a superstitious fool who really has no understanding of the way science, defined as the study by man of the world he inhabits, really works.

So what does all this have to do with survivalism and prepping? Simply this: most preppers and survivalists, wittingly or not, have an idea in their minds as to just what they are prepping for. That includes me. For the record, I think the most likely shtf scenario is a descent into totalitarianism, helped along by overpopulation and monetary collapse. I arrive at that conclusion by observing that it is actually happening now, as well as studying how it has happened many times in history, by many civilizations.
But I try to keep in mind that other things can happen, too. Encroaching totalitarianism would be a moot point if, for example, Yellowstone suffered a major eruption tomorrow, or an asteroid the size of LA hit the earth next year.

My point is that we should all be open-minded and learn all we can about a variety of possible threats, so we don't spend all our resources preparing for only one eventuality.
That includes reading about this global warming thing and learning about both sides of the debate (yes, there is one). If there is any truth to the global warming theory, we need to give it due consideration in our plans and preps. But I wouldn't go so far as to put all my resources into an orange orchard just outside Huntsville, just yet.

Want a good source of information about global warming? Click here to get a free pdf download of the book "A Skeptical Layman's Guide to Anthropogenic Global Warming" by Warren Meyer. Otherwise I'll be forced to label you a Global Warming religious fanatic.


Bhuvan Chand said...

nice article. I have also a blog on climate change.

Kymber said...

Excellent post Tracy and eloquently put!
I strongly believe that the earth is feeling the effects of our blatant mis-use and disregard since the Industrial revolution but I also believe that since the earth is part of a much greater design, part of that design enables the earth as its own organism be able to heal or fix itself. I am glad that the global warming issue has become such a big issue - more and more common people are beginning to think about their consumerism and waste and that is always a good thing!
However, I, too, dislike the nutcases who only see the issue from their maniacal point of view and want to shove that point of view down everyone else's throats!
Thanks for an awesome post!
(oh and let me know when you start sinking your resources into an orange orchard - it will be a tip-off for us up in Canada to do the same!!!)

Tracy said...

Bhuvan, I looked at your blog and it looks like a good source of information, so I am leaving the link in place. Thanks for your comment.

Kymber, thanks for your well-reasoned response; you pretty much nailed the way I see it. Earth is much more resilient than a lot of people think, and I believe it will destroy us before we can destroy it. As you mention, being environmentally aware is certainly a good thing. The problem is that any problem that needs to be dealt with is always taken up and used as an excuse to push extreme collectivism as the solution, and any problem that doesn't seemingly lend itself to that "solution" is summarily ignored. Overpopulation, for example, is actually a good thing for the collectivists, so it is not likely to be pushed as a problem that we must all step up to solve... at this stage of the game, anyway (that last was my vague, tongue-in-cheek reference to Soylent Green).

Bullseye said...

Tracy, this Global Warming thing may very well freeze us all to death before it's over. LOL That just my opinion, I know, everybody has has one. I think it's kinda like that Y2K thing that the experts made fools out of so many with. Great post, really enjoyed it.