Friday, March 13, 2009

Thoughts on Burying Your Guns

I briefly covered the subject of burying guns against a possible future "shtf" scenario last month, in "The New Standing Orders". Here is something I wrote awhile back for Possum Living, and then never posted.

M.D. Creekmore of The Survivalist Blog talks in this post about how to go about burying guns and magazines against the possibility of confiscation of all, or certain types, of guns. This is a common subject of discussion among gun owners, but amid the current news articles about Obama's stated intention of issuing a package of executive orders in January, now is probably a more appropriate time than we have seen in awhile to renew the discussion.

With no disrespect intended to M.D. or anyone else, if you believe this is a good plan of action, you may want to reconsider. First of all, for what possible future "shtf" event are you planning? I submit that the scenario of cops searching people's homes in search of recently-outlawed guns, which is the only scenario I can envision that the "buried cache" option would be a possible answer to, is in itself a shtf event. I mean, seriously, do you intend to accept that kind of society, here in the USA? If so, then you should stop fooling yourself, sell your semi-auto and other politically incorrect guns, and reinvest those funds into some nice 20" rims for your Prius, because playing those kind of games is gonna get you killed, or in prison.

Let's consider the revolving-cylinder shotguns of a few years back; the "Street Sweeper" and others of that ilk. They were just as legal to buy and own as any other shotgun. The version sold to civilians in the US met all requirements as to minimum barrel and overall length, etc; they only held 12 rounds of standard 12 gauge shotgun ammunition, and were not even semi-automatic. They were actually a double-action-only revolver, and a very bulky and one at that. They were also slow and difficult to reload. All in all, a basic pump shotgun was and is a more effective and usable weapon. Yet, none of that stopped the government from declaring it to be a "Destructive Device", the same classification as an RPG, and therefore illegal to own without jumping through the same hoops that would be required to own a 20mm automatic cannon. There was no grandfather clause, either. One day it was perfectly legal to own, the next day mere possession would get you ten years in federal prison, a ten thousand dollar fine, and a felony conviction on your record, precluding you from ever possessing any kind of gun again, under penalty of more prison time, for life. Sound enough like a "shtf" scenario for you? And believe me, if you have it buried on property you own and they even suspect you have it, they will find it. And if they decide ("they" includes that good-guy sheriff deputy who is a member of your hunting club, btw) that you may have hidden it on your brother's, father's, or best friend's land, or on your hunting lease, they will find it there, too. You think they have anything better to do? This is what they are paid for.
So pull your head out of your illusions, and come up with a real plan. I don't care what that plan is; if you plan to move somewhere more gun-friendly (don't ask me where, because I don't know.), go underground, turn them in but then sell everything and make sure you never again make enough money to have to pay taxes, so as to not support an illegitimate system (aka gulching), or whatever. Just be honest with yourself and your fellow patriots about it, whatever you decide to do.

Of course, if you're still not convinced and want to cache your weapons anyway, be sure to get plenty of thisor you are liable to dig up an inoperable hunk of rust instead of a rifle.


azurevirus said...

Interesting post..if I were to bury a gun I would prob do it not on my property..the further away the gun the more sq feet they have to search..that search could take weeks if the gun was buried a few thousand feet from your guy posted what Im saying now and gave good advice..the above for one..then to bury bolts or other metal objects(ppes the size of guns?) thru out the property..this alone would keep should keep the searchers busy until they just maybe they give up..wish I could recall who wrote the post on caching

Ken said...

...if you have to bury your shooters,it too late... ammo,practice,be prepared...

Kymber said...

Great thought-provoking post! Thanks for not being too shy to raise it Tracy!

Patrick Hughes said...

There are several logical reasons to hide weapons for the future. There is a possibility that things will get bad slowly rather than all at once, and weapons, or more likely ammo will be incrementally taken. If a person is not of the oppinion that he should take his last stand at this point, or possibly do jail time, he will probably submissivly turn over his weapons. But what will he do in the future when he realizes he was foolish to have surrendered earlier and needs now to defend his family?
Here is a good idea ... do what you need to do and don't tell ANYONE.

Dutchman6 said...

Use 'em, or lose 'em. Caches are for resupply and I'm all for 'em. But burying weapons as a plan for dealing with confiscation is a waste of time. Those of us who have sworn resistance to such a scheme will start the ball rolling anyway. Do you really want to bury your weapons in the middle of a civil war?

In any case, the whole house of cards is likely to collapse before they get around to gun confiscation anyway. Keep your best weapons above ground and in your hands.

Mike Vanderboegh
Pinson, AL

M.D. Creekmore said...

I think you missed the point. The post in question never said to hide all of your guns, just a few for backup in case you lose your main supply to confiscation.

If you plan to fight an open war, you will loose. Guerrilla warfare would be the only chance you have of defeating a superior force.

When it is time to attack remove the weapons from hiding, complete the mission, return weapons to the cache and blend back into the population.

I am afraid most people will cower in the corner complaining under their breath, while handing their prize firearms over to the authority's. When the assault weapons ban of '94 was signed into law how many took up arms?

Sure there maybe a few pocket of resistance but don't expect a Civil War.

rridgeoutlaw said...

Good Post. I agree that by the time they get around to confiscation the shtf will already be in motion. Vietnam and Iraq should have proven what a few determined people can do to disrupt things. Stay aware and stay prepped.