Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Important UPDATE for all preppers!!

We need to get more organized. Please visit American Preppers Network for just a moment.
Thanks, Tom
p.s. the moderator of this site has my permission to remove this short post as soon as he/she feels everyone has gotten this message. It's not normally my practice to post on other prepper sites, but we need to get more organized and I'm beginning to get overwhelmed with work to do, we need more help.


Lisa B. said...

I've started prepping and have finally convinced my husband to join me. He is taking care of the ammo/firearm situation. Have also managed to convince others at church to at the very least buy heirloom seeds for their gardens this year. I still feel very frustrated because I can't seem to get enough done fast enough. It also frustrates me that most people are just so ignorant of what is going on around them. I don't even know if there are other preppers in my neighborhood. I'm still plugging along working on food storage and bug out plans. Keep up the good work. Sometimes this feels like the only link I have to other preppers.

Tracy said...

Thanks for your comment, Lisa. The unfortunate fact is that most people would rather sit back and wait on the government to take care of everything. But keep plugging along, and you will meet like-minded folks on occasion. Church is a good place to start. Flea markets, farmers' markets and gun shows are also good places to meet folks who are interested in self-sufficiency.