Friday, April 3, 2009

New York Mass Shooting

We have heard of several mass shootings so far, this year alone. Here is a link to the story of the latest. Some of these shootings are indeed mass shootings of strangers, others are just a few people being killed by someone they know, but are sensationalized and lumped in with the true anonymous shootings by a media which cares little for the people involved, but only for getting in on the action and, of course, furthering their political agenda. We all know what that agenda is, so I will not bother to name it.

Before I go any further with this, first let me say that this is a tragedy for all involved. Not that it has anything to do with this (although probably more relevant than the typical news story's listing of other shootings at the bottom of any such story), but I am close friends with several Vietnamese immigrants, and have seen the difficulty some have in coping with modern American society. I mean, those of us who were born here sometimes have difficulty coping, how much more so someone who was born in a country amid such turmoil, and the mixed feelings toward America that they were surrounded with? I mention this because the shooter was apparently a Vietnamese immigrant. Now don't get me wrong, I am not saying Vietnamese immigrants are more likely to "go postal"; most have meshed quite well in America. I'm just saying that this shooting is not "just another shooting", nor were any other shooting that has occurred, either in this country or other countries. And tragic violence happens in all countries. It's not that we don't have enough government to prevent it, as the socialists would have you believe. In fact, such violence happens more in countries with heavy-handed government than in more liberal (in the classical sense) societies.

Here is a quote to consider, from the news story: "Police said they arrived within two minutes." And yet the shooter killed 13 people, then himself. Think about that. The police showed up within two minutes, yet it was all over by the time they got there. Police response time in most places is around 20 minutes, minimum. In cities. In rural areas, it can easily be an hour or more. Two minutes means the cops were within view of the place. Do you want to always be within view of cops? I don't. Some may say, "if it means being safe from nutcases like this, then I'm all for it!" But it didn't save these people though, did it?
Of course, the collectivist/socialist stance is always "but if we banned guns..."
Look, I guarantee I could find 1000 people in one day, in any area of the country, who would say "they ain't taking mine". And those are good people who don't hurt anyone. I'm not talking about the many felons living among us, for whom it is already a felony merely to be in possession of a weapon of any kind. So guns are already banned, as far as they are concerned.
Never mind the BS about the guns being used in the drug war in Mexico coming from the US. And it is BS; I have seen videos and there is automatic fire in the background. Not semi-automatic, but true automatic. And you can't walk into a gun store in the US and buy a true automatic weapon. The fact is, a semi-automatic copy of an AK-47 costs $600 in the US. A genuine full-auto AK-47 on the world arms market costs under $100. The difference is the result of regulation. And anyone with a machine shop could produce them, the full-auto version that is, and sell them at a profit for under $100. The drug cartel in Mexico doesn't get them from the US. And gun ownership among the general populace is absolutely forbidden in Mexico. The national media is counting on you to be unaware of these facts.

So back to those two minutes. What could save your life from such an attack? Not the police. Only one thing: exercising your right, not as an American but as a free human being, to bear arms for your own defense.
God help those who cannot, will not, or are prohibited from doing so. That is the real tragedy: for people to be convinced that they cannot be trusted to avail themselves of the tools for their own survival.

Our prayers go out to these latest victims of the government's denial of our rights.


Rhino said...

Well put.....Everyone should take notice

Humble wife said...

Good Post. My husband was in LE for 14 years, both civilian and military, and we know that we MUST be the first line of defense.