Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Cheap, Towable Cabin For Your BOL

If you have been a prepper for any length of time, you have probably dreamed of having a retreat that you can take the family to if things get really bad, whether "really bad" means something that makes your primary home temporarily unsafe, or a job loss or economic disaster that results in the loss of your primary home. Obviously, in the second instance, the "fallback" location must be cheap and, preferably, paid off.
In today's economy, there are a lot of people who have already lost their homes and their jobs. As preppers, this is one of the things we would like to be prepared for, before it becomes fact. To that end, a lot of you already have a piece of cheap land, ostensibly for hunting and/or camping. But when it comes time to contemplate actually putting some kind of structure on that land (other than a tent, of course), we are faced with the dilemma of how to go about doing so without breaking the family budget or going in debt. Buy a cheap mobile home? While an old single-wide mobile home can indeed be found quite cheaply, having one moved and set up can run into many thousands of dollars, thus negating the savings. Travel trailer? While some of these are nice, and they are designed to be moved at will by the owner, they tend to be either cramped, very expensive, or both.
Enter the fold-up, towable cabin. Folded, it is a mere 7 feet wide by 21 feet long, so it can be towed anywhere without special permits, by any pickup truck or SUV. But upon arrival at the desired location, it folds out to a spacious 15 by 21 feet. A couple of people can set it up in a very short time. And once set up, it looks like a cabin, not a trailer. Sounds good? Wait 'til you hear the price: this little wonder can be built in a typical suburban backyard, for about $3000! And that's if you use all new materials. Anything you can scrounge or buy used will reduce the price accordingly. It it not out of the question that it could be built for under 500 bucks. A good wall tent costs more than that!
I have read some of the blogs out there advocating that people who find themselves out of work or in similar situations, buy themselves a small tract of "junk land" (land that has little monetary worth, which tends to also have low taxes and few restrictions) and live on that land in a travel trailer, and it occurred to me that this portable cabin would be a better solution for those folks, as well as preppers who just want a place to "bugout" to if necessary. And like a travel trailer, it can be set up on a few acres of junk land, a camping lot, or even a hunting lease.
Sound interesting? Click here for more information or to purchase building plans.

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