Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cooking Squirrel

I think hard times are ahead for America (not to mention the rest of the world), and I expect that small game will begin appearing on the menu again for a substantial portion of the populace, especially those who are fortunate or smart enough to live outside the cities. A pound of store-bought meat is a lot more expensive than a shotgun shell, and the meat that shell can harvest for you is a lot more healthful than the store-bought meat, to boot. It would be a good idea to start hunting and eating small game now, rather than waiting until lean times. That way you will already have the hunting skill, the recipes, and the taste for this meat if and when it becomes necessary to feed yourself and your family in this manner. Don't discount the importance of developing a taste for it, either. It has been proven that some people will literally starve to death before they will eat food to which they are unaccustomed. It is far better to start getting yourself and your spouse and children used to the idea of eating squirrel and other wild game, so that there won't be problems if/when it is the only food available. More...

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Rev Garet said...

Learning to hunt safely is always a good thing. I have been hunting for 50 years (I am 60 now). However I am also old enough to recall stories from those in the southern rural areas who lived through the Great Depression. Bottom line: With everybody hunting, the game soon got very rare. In fact, the deer population in some parts of Alabama did not recover until the early 1960's (something I remember quite well).

Suggestion: .22 rifle with several Wal-Mart "Party Packs" of ammo. But you would have a more reliable source of food raising goats, chickens, and bunnies.

Just a thought.