Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Playing With Fire

by Detentus

Every year I read of at least two or three fires that destroyed homes, garages or barns in my area. All during the winter. And ALL preventable. Unfortunately I'll read of at least the same number this year:displaced families and in some cases, loss of life.

The main causes of these tragedies are too dry Christmas trees:left up for weeks before and after the holiday. Trees placed too close to heat sources like fireplaces and woodstoves or simply tossed outside too near the house, garage or barn. These trees should be either taken to a community collection center or have their branches removed and placed outside, like over the garden for mulch to be removed during spring.

Another cause of winter fires is the use of space heater, candles, and oil lamps: left unattended as the homowner retires for the night.
Make a nightly check to ensure that all heat sources like these and flammables are properly extinguished.
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