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Top 10 Survival Downloads You Should Have

Author: Contributing Author

The following article has been generously contributed for your reading pleasure by Rourke at Modern Survival Online. We strongly urge our readers to take Rourke’s advice and download or print (or both) the following guides, which are available 100% free. Ideally, retain a paper copy if you have a survival folder, and save a copy to your reserve USB drive, which should be a component of your bug out survival bag or stored at your bug out location.

There are tons of good downloads in the Survival Database Download section of this website. For this article – I have selected 10 that everyone should have either printed and put away, or placed on a USB drive – or better yet both.

So – let’s get to it:

#10. FM 4-25-11 First Aid (2002) - Military First Aid Manual.First aid information is a must – get training before you need it – use this manual for reference.

#9. Guide to Canning – Being able to preserve crops to be able to provide for yourself and your family long after the growing season is over is important. This guide will help with that.

#8. Rangers Handbook (2006) – Crammed with info on demolitions, booby traps, communications, patrolling, tactical movement, battle drills, combat intelligence and much more

#7. Where There is No Dentist - The author uses straightforward language and careful instructions to explain how to: examine patients; diagnose common dental problems; make and use dental equipment; use local anesthetics; place fillings; and remove teeth.

#6. NATO Emergency War Surgery – While this is certainly not a manual that would stand alone in most persons emergency/disaster library, it is an absolutely necessary resource if you expect to handle any type of trauma where immediate comprehensive medical care is not available.

#5. A Guide to Raised Bed Gardening – This is not an “all knowing” gardening book – however it provides a lot of information to the “urban gardener” before or after TSHTF. Best to get the experience and knowledge of gardening NOW rather than later.

#4. FM 3-06 Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain - Combat techniques covered in the manual which may be very valuable in a “Roadwarrior”-type world.

#3. 1881 Household Cyclopedia – A massive resource of information that much of it has been lost over the past 203 generations. From Angling to Knitting – its here.

#2. FM 21-76-1 Survival-Evasion-Recovery (1999) – Excellent manual geared towards the soldier that finds himself behind enemy lines

#1. FM 21-76 US Army Survival Manual - From This manual has been written to help you acquire survival skills. It tells you how to travel, find water and food, shelter yourself from the weather and care for yourself if you become sick or injured. This information is first treated generally and then applied specifically to such special areas as the Arctic, the desert, the jungle and the ocean.1970 Military Issue Manual. General Introduction and Individual and Group Survival Orientation Navigation, Finding Water In All Parts of The Globe. How To Obtain Food, Start a Fire and much more!

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Bugout cabin??

Well, there’s my list. Best of all – they are all 100% free. So, feel free to download them all.


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Date: December 31st, 2010
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Anonymous said...

Sounds like something we should all print off in case of Zombie Apocalypse...

deweezil said...

First. Great info

Anonymous said...

This list is totally awesome.

Floyd Lloyd said...

You forgot or are not aware of "The LDS Preparedness Manual" which is free and covers all situations from natural disaster to terrorist attack.The latest version is V5.03, January 1st, 2011 and can be found at

Anonymous said...

^ Its not free just looked Geez Floyd Lloyd

Anonymous said...

^ The one you saw for sale was the printed version.
"An electronic PDF version of this manual is available to download FREE OF CHARGE to any member of the LDS-AVOW Forums in the "Download" area. This printed version has been made in response to the many requests we have had from members that do not want to print out such a large amount of information. This manual has not been priced to generate a profit as the majority of the contents ARE copyrighted by the various authors, but is intended to cover the actual costs of printing and shipping. The high cost is a direct result of only printing only 100 copies at a time. If demand proves high enough we will print the manual in larger quantities and lower the retail price accordingly."

Maggie Horigan said...

I think we're all forgetting that in the event of a society-destroying disaster, how likely do you think it is that you'll be able to get to your "downloads"?

Tracy said...

Quite likely. Electronic media storage and retrieval don't rely on the grid for operation.

Anonymous said...

Did anone notice how many remedies in the 1881 househod cyclopedia recommended bleeding a patient?

Stonehart said...

In all honesty, I have high regards when it comes to electronic media and survivalism. I've planned to buy a Kindle, and have a dynamic radio which can be substituted as a jury-rigged power supply. The Kindle can be outfitted to be as durable and waterproof as any other component in my bugout bag, and would be a whole lot easier than carrying hard copies of all of this.

S. J. Rittenhouse said...

Thanks for the downloads. Now all I need is a shotgun, an asault rifle, and a sniper rifle and I am ready for when the world goes into fallout.

Anonymous said...

In the event of a nuclear attack, an EMP burst would take out any electronics not using vacuum tubes, or hardened with heavy protection.

Books can be read for hours by candlelight long after batteries have died.

Ray said...

Thank you so much. Appreciate the the manuals. Going to print them off and get the highlighter out :-)