Friday, April 1, 2011

2 Policemen on leave after beating suspect.

Two police officers from Birmingham, Alabama are on paid leave while an investigation is conducted on an incident caught on video between them and a suspect on March 20th. According to the police report, the cops saw Daniel Travarious stealing and arrested him using "minimum force."

Rick Folbaum spoke to legal panelists Keith Sullivan and Kendall Coffey on whether or not this constitutes excessive force and violates the rights of the suspect.

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Anonymous said...

SOP for the alpha dog attitude that I would guess 1/3 of the peace officers I have had to deal with have and I'm not talking about being a suspect I worked in the legal field for almost 10 years and I'll be honest its not as if they don't know that cameras are out there Ive seen car camera evidence where the suspect is moved and tuned up out of the optical range of the dash camera
Its the cameras that they don't know about that that make them sweat when they hand in their after action report
Its the cell phone cameras, security cameras, and the ability to post the video that keeps them honest I,m not saying that all law enforcement is bent I,m saying Its a hard job with not enough pay long hours and not even a pat on the back for a job well done Yes the officers looked to be out of hand and no I do not believe that the incident required the continuous beating he received I mean really how many officers does it take to control 1 suspect If the officers were unable to maintain control use a taser, go back to the gym, get some training but your not doing your profession any good when you act like a thug you end up being no better the a mugger with a badge if IA exonerates this Incident then my respect this police department is gone